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The MAP Program provides much-needed support to addicts and alcoholics during the first year of their recovery. This additional support can make the difference between relapse and long-term sobriety.

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MAP Family Support

MAP Family Support connects family members of addict/alcoholics in supportive, private online groups. Finding others who share and understand your situation makes all the difference.

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Treatment Providers

Add a proven post-treatment recovery support program to your treatment plan. Improve your outcomes and measure your success with robust data on all aspects of your program, your facility and your alumni.

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The first year of sobriety is challenging for both the addict and their loved ones

MAP Recovery Support is the industry leader in relapse prevention. MAP works with addicts and their families to help them navigate early recovery and achieve lasting sobriety.

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Recent Recovery Blog Posts

26 Feb 2015

The Blame Game

  Taking responsibility for my actions was something I always struggled with, even before my addiction became apparent. A common theme for me was the blame game. It was never my fault— I mean everything, anything… nothing.   When I was in treatment I would push the reasons for why things happened to me, and continued to happen to me, onto other people. One by one in my small group, people would hold up their

23 Feb 2015

Empty Rooms

  The room was empty. At least that is how it felt….   When I left for work Monday morning I knew he was back at it. My roommate had gone on a week-long cocaine binge about 10 days earlier, and by the previous Friday he was so paranoid that I had to tackle him and fill him full of Mexican Valium so he could get some sleep. Twenty-four hours later when he finally woke