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grandcanyon Spiritual Growth Takes Time...24 Jul 2014

The Grand Canyon and Rainbows

  Recently I visited the Grand Canyon with my family; it is beautiful. Water, wind, and time have created a natural artistic masterpiece.  As I nervously looked over the edge (i.e., fear of heights) at the Grand Canyon Visitors Center, I wondered what exactly it was that brought so many people from around the world to view this natural wonder. Is it the beautiful landscape? Is it the evidence of nature’s power? Or, is it

time Spiritual Growth Takes Time...21 Jul 2014

Spiritual Growth Takes Time…

I was recently reminded of an incident in the early days of my recovery that, while it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, really helped shape my recovery then and now. I was about 120 days sober and I was in the thick of making my amends. Things had really begun to change for me, both internally and externally. I had found a job, I had finally moved out of the house