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The first year of sobriety is challenging for both the addict and their loved ones

MAP Recovery Support is the industry leader in relapse prevention. MAP works with addicts and their families to help them navigate early recovery and achieve lasting sobriety.

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Recent Recovery Blog Posts

The Power of Punctuality

The Power of Punctuality – A notable finding from MAP Data

April 27, 2015
Thomas G. Kimball, Ph.D, LMFT
William Shakespeare wrote, “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” His statement is an important call for the power of punctuality. Maybe Shakespeare was on to something when he penned this statement particularly as it relates to...
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Powerless, not helpless

Powerless, Not Helpless

April 23, 2015
Chris Gates
The concept of powerlessness as used in relation to addiction and alcoholism is a hard one to wrap your head around. Outside of the program (and amongst the anti-AA crowd) it is often equated with helplessness. There seems to be...
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